Growing Nicely…

Well, since my last update I’ve done little more than some light weeding, and the occasional watering.

In return, the final potato plant has put in an appearance, and despite looking like some have been sat on by birds, squirrels or cats, even all 13 cabbage plants continue to grow strongly. They’ve got over that initial transplant ‘hiccup’ and they’re all well into their ‘proper’ leaves now.

The onions look more and more positive, and the spring onions are bravely trying to put in a show – although so far they’re the least convincing crop.

Having started some of my crops far too early, I’m now beginning to feel jumpy about how late I’ve left others. I have sweetcorn and courgettes earmarked to go in, and they should be started Real Soon Now – the ground is clear for the sweetcorn but I’m uncomfortably aware that I need to do some digging if I’m going to have anywhere for the courgettes to go. But perhaps if I’ve got the seedlings sitting on the window sill taunting me, that will push me into getting on with it.

I’ve also realised that I’ve managed to allocate all the space and not leave any room for leeks – happily they’re pretty flexible about when they get planted, so if the spring onions pull their fingers out, I should be fine. Or maybe it’s a sign that I should clear some more ground…!

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