Natural Control

As I think I’ve mentioned previously, I tend to take a partly-organic approach to growing in that I don’t like to be using chemicals to combat pests. Last year the price I paid was that the pigeons and the cabbage white butterflies probably ate more cabbage than I did, but in the main I’m pretty content to share my crops with nature.

That doesn’t mean I don’t intend to discourage the beasties though, which is at least part of the reason for our more recent purchase – we got ourselves a bird feeder (well two actually, a seed feeder and a peanut one). My reasoning is that the more birds we have visiting the garden, the more likely some of them are to eat up the various bugs trying to scoff my crops.

Of course the other risk is that the birds themselves will be eating it instead, but it’s worth a try – and of course it’s nice to encourage the birds in anyway. For a few years I’ve had a robin who comes and watches me when I’m working in the garden, and it would be nice to think he’ll bring some friends along to have a snack while I dig.

We’ve probably managed to do this at just the wrong time of year – the birds are hardly starving right now! – but we’ve already seen a blue tit, which is the first time I can remember seeing one in our garden since we’ve lived here, which is pretty exciting. Now if I can just train them to chase the pigeons away, I’ll be a happy man…

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