Cabbages Are Go!

This weekend saw me finally getting around to putting out the summer cabbages; as they were in pots rather than seed trays the process went a lot better than the onions, although it was still a bit of a battle.

My problem this time around was simply that I hadn’t compacted the soil in the pots very well (read: at all) – I’d thought I was being kind to my little seedlings and keeping it easy for them, but the upshot was that when I upended the pots all the soil fell out and I was left holding a very naked looking plant. So there’s something to remember for next time, although now I’ve got my pellets I’ll mostly be using them!

The positive side of starting them in pots and then planting them out is that this year each plant has plenty of room around it, so hopefully they’ll be a lot happier and heart up more enthusiastically – time will, no doubt, tell.

My onions, however, continue to look rather like they’re all dying. I think I can put this one down to experience; I’ll stick to pellets and pots from now on until I’m feeling more confident about using seed trays without killing everything.

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