More Crops Go In!

This weekend we finally got a bit of a break in the weather; although the year has started very warm, it’s also been raining so much that I’ve not really managed to get out into the garden very often – it’s either actually raining, or so soggy that doing any work is pretty tricky.

However, this weekend came after a relatively dry week, and came with some glorious sunshine too. Plus, I managed to find a garden centre last week which had some very interesting looking potatoes – so these year’s will be Edzell Blue.

I finally managed to dig back as far as I’d intended, and straightened out the bed so it’s now a straight(ish) line rather than they meandering border it used to be. When I’d started clearing ground I’d tended to follow the line of surviving grass (to minimize my work!) but this did have the effect of some pretty random shaped beds.

After all that digging I put the potatoes in; yes, I know it’s pretty early but they are a 2nd early variety and it’s turning out so warm this year I reckon we’re well passed the risk of significant frost. I did just see a squirrel taking some serious interest in my freshly dug garden though, so it might not be frost I lose my potatoes too!

In other news, the onion seed has sprouted wonderfully and will soon be ready to go out into the big bad world. I also sowed the early savoy seeds to get them started good and early – as I mentioned previously I’m going to try and push them out a little early, and tag a second crop of the regular savoy after them in the same plot.

I think the next task will be to dig the final couple of yards back to the sheds, which will be my courgette space – well, that and buy some courgette seeds of course!

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