Well, it appears as though the Weather Gods, at the very least, are regular readers here. No sooner have I (rashly!) put in the potatoes, the weather forecast is suddenly threatening us with winter returning, and possibly even snow!

Being a highly resourceful chap (or possibly just a useful mix of lucky and lazy) I managed to give the lawn it’s first cut of the year last weekend, and decided to leave the cuttings on the grass rather than tidily picking them all up and putting them onto the compost heap.

I’ve read all sorts over the years arguing both sides of this; half the world thinks it’s a good idea and the other half is convinced it will ruin your lawn. Well, my lawn isn’t exactly a masterpiece but leaving the cuttings on it never seems to harm it very much and to my mind is a sort of lazy man’s approach to composting in situ 🙂

Anyway, the practical upshot of this is that I had readily available a big pile of grass clippings, which I’ve gathered up and layered over the freshly-planted potatoes in the hope that it will provide a little insulation and help them through the cold snap.

Oh, and of course the onion seeds I planted a little while back have grown unexpectedly enthusiastically and are now crying out to be planted out. I think they might have to wait until after the snow though…

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