Hunting for Seeds

My original plan this year was to do plenty of research about the exact varieties I wanted to grow, and then turn to the Internet. Too often in previous years I’ve gone to the garden centre with a specific variety in mind only to find that it’s not available and I have to choose between the 2 or 3 varieties they do have.

With that in mind, I’d examined my Group 1 list and come to the conclusion (because my book mentioned them!) that Dickson was a fun-sounding sweetcorn. So, to the internet!

Ah. Seems that nobody on the planet actually sells this stuff (I’m beginning to suspect that the author of my book just put them in there to annoy me) so I’ll fall back to the garden centre route – admittedly that was partly because I like wandering around garden centres and this seemed like an excellent excuse.

So, we headed off this week to have a nose around and successfully found some ‘Lark F1’ sweetcorn, which is often mentioned as “incredibly sweet” so that will keep the wife happy (I don’t actually like to eat sweetcorn, but I love growing it and my wife loves to eat it).

Of course, it’s not possible to only buy one thing in a garden centre so we somehow also ended up with some red onion seeds – I’d half-heartedly considered growing some onions anyway, but I’d left it out of the list for some reason. Still, I was persuaded to give them a go so we’ll see how it goes – they shouldn’t take up too much space so it shouldn’t cause a problem.

And, err, some more savoy. No, I don’t quite know how that happened. This time it’s a summer maturing variety, Estoril F1 – what I think I’m going to try, therefore, is to get them in really early and plant our old savoy a little late, and squeeze two crops out of the same space. Not entirely convinced the timings work according to the seed packets but I reckon that something will grow…!

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