First Seeds Sown!

It’s been pretty wet and unpleasant since, well, the New Year almost – and because of my general lack of organisation (i.e. I didn’t do anything during autumn!) I’ve got lots of digging and ground-clearing that I really need to do. It’s a bit frustrating because if it could only be dry for a few days in a row I’d be able to get out and at least finish clearing the space I’ve got mentally marked out for the potatoes.

Which reminds me, really must buy some seed potatoes soon!

Anyway, the main reason for this post is that despite the generally lousy weather I managed to at least get some of the early seeds into seed trays – the red onions are the first ones to go in, and sometime probably next week the early savoy will also need to be sown.

So anyway, a short post but something to celebrate – 2007’s crops are on their way (assuming any of the seeds actually germinate!)

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