2007 Crop Selection – Part 1

So, now is the time when we have to start planning what to grow this year. Now every year I draw up a big list, only to only grow half of it because either I don’t get around to buying the seeds, or planting them, or simply clearing the ground – I’m far too optimistic about my progress on that front!

So, this time around Ive split my plans into 3; the first group are definites, and I’ve the space to grow them right now. The second are probables, and assuming I manage to complete the clearing that I’m (conservatively) hoping to, will fit nicely.

The last group are ‘nice to have’ crops; I hope to get to them but it’s dependent on me doing a reasonable amount of work so it might not come off!

Group 1

  • Leeks (Musselburgh) – we still have seeds left over from last year and they were delicious; this time I’ll take better care of them!
  • Savoy (Ormskirk) – again, left over from last year.
  • Sweetcorn (a supersweet variety TBD) – always pleasing to grow!

Yes, I know I said that I’d never grow Savoy again, but my wife is determined! This year I’ll do a couple of things different – first I’ll protect them a little better from the birds at the start, and secondly I’m going to look into some sort of ‘companion planting’ to address the butterfly problems…

Group 2

  • Courgette (Golden Zucchinni or Gold Rush) – I’ve never grown them but I’m told their easy and tasty!
  • Garlic – I’ll try it again this year, but in a slightly more controlled manner so I don’t lose them like I did last year
  • Potatoes (Majestic?) – not too decided on the variety yet, hopefully we can find something unusual to try

As I said, I know where these will all go, even if the ground is currently occupied by weeds and bushes!

Group 3

  • Carrots (intermediate root) – something sweet and tasty
  • Lettuce (Sherwood) – we happen to have an old packet of seeds lurking, although I don’t know if they’re till viable
  • Tomatoes – from seed. I’ve not done it before, and I’m always frustrated buying tomato plants because I go in with a specific variety in mind, only to find they don’t have any real choice

So that’s the first step done; the next step is to figure out where we get the seeds from, and to pin down the precise varieties we’ll go for!

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