The Plot

All my growing efforts take place in our back garden. It’s not a particularly big garden; it’s roughly 5 yards wide and in terms of useable ground, around 10 yards long. That’s ignoring the delightful 70’s crazy-paved patio at the house end, and the rapidly disintegrating sheds at the far end.

So in that space there’s the remains of a fairly traditional London garden; there’s a patch of rough, dandelion- and clover-filled lawn in the middle, with beds running up either side. I say ‘beds’, but that really is rather generous – it’s more like ‘less grassy bits’.

At the time of writing (the start of 2007) there’s roughly half of one side actually in growing use – by which I mean, most of the stuff growing there last year was deliberate, and we even managed to eat some of it. A similar amount on the other side is taken up with a compost heap (and very cool ‘green cone’) and a herb bed. Well, I say herb bed – mainly it’s a wilderness filled with rampant mint plants, with the occasional bit of rosemary bravey hanging on.

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