Welcome to this diary of mine!

This is my attempt to keep a record of my continuing efforts to use our little garden to produce something useful in the form of food. It’s something that I’ve done (on a very small scale!) for the last few years, and that I’ve always intended to try and keep better track of.

Being a geek at heart, a blog seemed like the ideal way to do that, so here we are!

I’m a seriously lazy, fair-weather gardener, which explains why after living in this house for over 12 years the decrepit sheds are still at the bottom of the garden, and I’ve only cultivated about 4 square yards. Still, progress has been slow but steady and my target for this year is to reclaim one entire side of the garden from the weeds.

I’m also a fairly lazy blogger, but my intention is to make sure that I update this diary at least once a week to keep track of what’s planned, what’s growing and (ultimately!) what’s being harvested!

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